Split Meth Leppard/Minimum Wage Assassins is ready!

This piece of noise is released by: Wooaaargh (Germany) XDispatchX (Usa) Death By Digital (Canada) Mono Canibal (Spain) Get Pissed Stay Pissed Records (Usa) Ecocentric (Germany) Drinking Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary) Grindhead Records (Australia) Toilet Teeth Records (South Africa) Here And Now Records (Italy) Grey water collective (Usa) Continue reading Split Meth Leppard/Minimum Wage Assassins is ready!

Kluster Fuck – Crazymaker

At first the cover art seems to be crap but if you take a closer look at it, you will catch a great sense in it. Something like “by judging others we don’t see how we are mistaken” … or, probably, it was about “wrong, rotten view on world”. But besides the cover there are some other things which we should pay attention to. For example, look at the color of this vinyl, it is a beautiful piece of green. Take it in your hands, feel the weight of this thing, and then carefully turn it around, can you seeit? … Continue reading Kluster Fuck – Crazymaker

Double Me / Han Solo

Take a look at how hardcore seeds richly sprouted on Italian soil! Every year, the roots penetrate and grow deeper, and the fruits of this plague are becoming more and more juicy. We are eating one of these fruits today. Although this split is not the latest one, it still did not lose its taste. Hmm, I recognize the style of the artist who designed the previous release – Double Me. Only now he portrayed bound hands covered with sores … what a gloomy image! 🙂 Hmm, I note that the Double Me sounds a little denser on this release, … Continue reading Double Me / Han Solo

Split PowerXchuck / XAbruptX will be out very soon!

This small vinyl will be released by Wooaaargh rec, Kitchen Vomit, Friendly Otter, Hackebeil Records, Mono Canibal, Death By Digital, ZAS Autoproduzioni Records, Deadheroes Grindcore-label Continue reading Split PowerXchuck / XAbruptX will be out very soon!

Prolefeed / War All The Time

We all know well how Englishmen love to mix different fast styles, so here again we have guys from nice cities called Newcastle and Leeds who have made a decision to show their skills in this deal. Basically, both bands are somehow similar to each other, they only differ in proportion of this or that musical ingridient. For example, Prolefeed use more punk in their songs when the other space is filled with grindcore and fastcore. This mixture is good by itself and good sound quality makes it even more colorful. The guys even managed to put 15 crazy dancing … Continue reading Prolefeed / War All The Time

Godhole / Crozier

These Scottish collaboration is like a little clot of rage. Behind the pretty stylish design the pretty fucked-up recording is hidden. These two modern bands show us how nicely sick englishmen can be… but lets keep things in order Hmm, it’s pretty good idea to make a noisy intro and to kick the listener just the second after. Godhole made a solid sound with the metallized accents, not bad. Hard chaotic hardcore/powerviolence shoud be certain to the taste of all modern hardcore lovers. It’s full of agression and that’s good. But the recording itself is rather noisy.Crozier is something experimental, … Continue reading Godhole / Crozier

Dysteria ‎– Fuck The Future

Dysteria obviously approached their first LP album in a very responsible manner. The name of this album depicts the powerful hate of mankind…ant this is also well displayed in album’s artwork…totally dried and cracked bottom of a lake…it is not just implying end of all living things, the message is very explicit. And the printing on a mat paper (check it) added some style to its externals. I have noticed long time ago that englishmen love to make scary, depressive and filthy atmosphere… And they make it in various things, for example in pictures, films and music. You can feel … Continue reading Dysteria ‎– Fuck The Future

Jack / Meth Leppard split!

The Jack/Meth Leppard split 7″ out late 2016 on Wooaaargh Records (Germany), Drinkin’ Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary), Loner cult records (Belgium), Mondo Canibal (Spain), Grindhead Records (Aus), Stoked (Aus), Ill Faith Records (USA), Grey Water Collective (USA)  Continue reading Jack / Meth Leppard split!

Oblivionized / Human Cull (Wooaaargh)

It’s time to drink few pints of good beer in local pub. Or you can drink some tea with milk it depends on your tastes. Because this split is a good example of madness of English people. And that’s why you should tune in to the right atmosphere before listening tu this vinyl.Psychos from Oblivionized have 2 tracks on side A. Tight hardcore, with some metal riffs… especially it’s audible on guitar accents. We must not forget also for sludge moments which guys add in their crazy music. And I noticed few really small pieces of grindcore, it is good … Continue reading Oblivionized / Human Cull (Wooaaargh)

Agathocles/Paranoia split 3" out now at WooAAargh rec!

Limited edition of only 66 hand numbered copies. 3inch lathe cut comes with a silk-screened 12inch fold-out cover. A spray-painted and silk-screened 12inch holds the 3inch and an insert. Artwork and print by Heartless Printing. 100% DIY and vintage!! Continue reading Agathocles/Paranoia split 3" out now at WooAAargh rec!

SpermBloodShit – Grinding Under The Influence

The Italian trio SpermBloodShit don’t tired to conquer new stages and in between from tours, going to the studio. Just two months ago, this vinyl was left the gloomy walls of factory and went to all of those who have been waiting for this release. Grinding Under The Influence completely justifies its name. In this record, guys give the respect to : Haemorrhage, Rotten Sound, Venomous Concept, and even Judas Priest! Covers were very good, and was made in their insane Italian style. Most of all, I liked the cover on the Spanish pathologists Haemorrhage. A cover on the legendary … Continue reading SpermBloodShit – Grinding Under The Influence

Split ANF/Powerxchuck finally out!

Get your copy thru next labels:Woooaaargh Records (Ger) Here and now records (Italy) Capitão Lixo Coisas (Brazil)Mono Caníbal (Spain) BMX Outlaw records (Germany) Made In The Meth Lab (UK) Ecosentric records (Germany) Continue reading Split ANF/Powerxchuck finally out!