Warfuck – This Was Supposed To Be Fun

More than five years after the mindfuck speed grind trip that was “Neantification”, the crazy French duo Warfuck return with this new piece of noise. But, not only is this a new one from this band, these guys just started their own label, Lixiviat Records, and this CD is the labels debut release. Every inch of this CD is covered with gloomy, black, and psychedelic images. The colors are dark, but I can’t say the same about this music. I don’t know what kind of technique was used here, but it looks very close to brush drawing (which is rare … Continue reading Warfuck – This Was Supposed To Be Fun

Warfuck ‎– Neantification CD

Recently I was sitting and exploring the Internet, filtering all these porn shit and ignoring links on new Madonna’s album, I accidentally found out about French guys and their band Warfuck! It is one of those few duo bands… and that’s what I really love and respect, to tell you the truth. I got in my possession their second LP “Neantification”. The album itself consists of two parts: “Too Fast” and “Too Far”. My Slovakian friend compared them with American band Magrudergrind once, and I agree with him, but still should mention that their stuff has more variety in terms … Continue reading Warfuck ‎– Neantification CD