Vulgaroyal Bloodhill/ Sulsa (Soondoongi)

Today two rival Asian countries mount our musical ring: Sulsa from South Korea and Vulgaroyal Bloodhill from Japan. While bands take their operating sites, let’s describe each one in detail… In due order the first one shall be a band which opens the split. Vulgaroyal Bloodhill hold themselves out as new wave of Japanese goregrind which it is, actually. The quartette of blood-stained samurai have brought into being great groove: a grim cocktail of gore, punk and grindcore. Such Hurricane Katrina knocked me dead. I was pleased with variegated sound and composition of those 5 songs, though they aren’t beyond … Continue reading Vulgaroyal Bloodhill/ Sulsa (Soondoongi)

Vulgaroyal Bloodhill – Muerteatroz (Rotten Roll Rex)

There are lots and lots of nice album, but only few you would listen from the beggining to the end. First full-length album of VB is one of the last category. Not an ideal one, have not done any revolution in this genre, it’s just good for our ears. From time to time I give it a spin in my player, can’t describe even how addictive it is! Like every other gore-freak, guys never hid their passion for dismembered and decomposed bodies. And all this tenderness found it’s own way towards the cover art. I have never seen how crocodile … Continue reading Vulgaroyal Bloodhill – Muerteatroz (Rotten Roll Rex)

Sadistic Acts Of Depravity – 4 Way Split CD!

Sadistic Acts of Depravity is one of the most sick and perverted splits in 2013! 4 band from every part of the world! Bulgaria, France, Japan and USA. It was released by Mexican label Diablos Rec. And the artwork is one of the things that make this 4-way split really crazy. Pretty disgusting cover, with a lot of worms, dicks, mutant who has vagina instead of mouth… Blood and gore included, hehe) Also I should note that special feature of this split is a gradual increase of speed, from pretty slow to very fast, almost grindcore-style songs! The first band … Continue reading Sadistic Acts Of Depravity – 4 Way Split CD!

Vulgaroyal Bloodhill (13.11.13)

Well, 3, 2, 1… Go! How’s your great country doin’, Touo? What happened to the band after the release of your first split? I almost started to worry that you stopped))Nothing happening. We have been playing to a few gigs and made gory songs just again and again. VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL is never fucking die! How did you meet each others in the band? When did you discover grind? And what the hell made you want to start a goregrind band?We have known each other all our lives.I mean,i have played with guys another band each other. when i started new … Continue reading Vulgaroyal Bloodhill (13.11.13)