Split Agathocles/Bizarre X will be out at Vulgar Records!

4 new AG tracks – more punk/mince/grind than ever! A hommage to early belgium punk “Alles Moet Kapot”! Bizarre X dudes are back on the map with a bunch of new thrash/grind smashers! Obscure 9″ vinyl and strictly limited to 300 copies! Make your pre-order HERE! Continue reading Split Agathocles/Bizarre X will be out at Vulgar Records!

Borstels Rache / Fetus Eaters (Vulgar Records)

Today I want to shed some light on a little-known split from Borstels Rache / Fetus Eaters. Both bands are worthy, but that’s pitiful that only few people know them. That’s why I’ve decided to eliminate this problem. Each of these beautiful pictures on the cover describes its band, some is social theme and some is about eating baby embrions. And behind all this polygraphy there is a beautiful, transparent like a glass, vinyl. Everybody knows hardcore/crust/punk scene in USA, but not so many people know that in there is very solid scene Germany too. Borstels Rache are the hillarious … Continue reading Borstels Rache / Fetus Eaters (Vulgar Records)

Regurgitated Innards – Feeding the Abominable (Vulgar Records)

As I am looking through releases of german Vulgar Records I always mention that the label chef’s taste is quite specific. The label released a lot of old and young bands which the majority of people can’t even get into, it is especially common for the young generation of grind freaks. And here you go, last year the debute work of Regurgitated Inhards was released, so we’ll talk about it… One my friends have recommended me “Feeding the Abominable” saying that “it is a very good piece of gore”. He made a little mistake calling it a “gore” but in … Continue reading Regurgitated Innards – Feeding the Abominable (Vulgar Records)

Agathocles / Cause Of Divorce

Split Agathocles / Cause Of Divorce looks like football match between Belgium and Germany. And now we will see who has the most robust team and who will score more goals. I dont even remember how many reviews for Agathocles I already made… every time it’s more and more difficult for me to find words, hehehe, but I will try. So… It’s relatively fresh material from the belgian bandits AG (it was recorded in 2014/15) and it’s pretty good. But as for me I think that this material is pretty boring, those songs needs more punch. The sound is good, … Continue reading Agathocles / Cause Of Divorce