Uitschot / Agathocles

The stream of new splits from Agathocles doesn`t ever seem to run dry, and that is awesome. This time we have a split with Uitschot (old band of Koen AG). This piece has pretty nasty cover art… A vomiting person who`s feeding the birds. The perfect way describe both of these bands to those who’ve never heard about Mince and Grind, haha! Inside I found a nice insert that depicted old photos and lyrics, nothing special but it looks good. Uitschot are no longer active punks, so thematerial that you will hear was recorded more than 10 years ago. So … Continue reading Uitschot / Agathocles

Agathocles / Cum Sock (Vleesklak Rec)

Who said noise? Who wants some? Join us, because today we will listen one short and dirty split and, let’s be honest there’s only 1 proper way to do so. Turn the volume up full blast. Yes, it`s Agathocles, if you haven’t heard of them yet, then you must have been living in a monastery. This time the Belgian maniacs cooperated with the Canadian Noisecore psychos from Cum Sock. 1 spin and AG is vomiting from my speakers! These raw songs smashed me with a powerful flow. 12 short tracks with a recognizable style and messy buzzing sound, that’s what … Continue reading Agathocles / Cum Sock (Vleesklak Rec)

Assur – In Belgium There Is No Law (Vleesklak Records)

The Belgian scene is primarily known for iconic grind bands such as Agathocles, Mucus or Leng Tch’e, but there is one more band that I want to introduce you to. Meet Assur; raw grindcore with death metal influences that are located in Antwerp city. This band started in 2005, and according to information on the web they were not so active. Truly underground boys, haha! I guess that’s why I only just found Assure. I got a huge box from Vleesklak Records with different promos, there I found “In Belgium There Is No Law”. To be honest, it’s not the … Continue reading Assur – In Belgium There Is No Law (Vleesklak Records)

Double Me / Han Solo

Take a look at how hardcore seeds richly sprouted on Italian soil! Every year, the roots penetrate and grow deeper, and the fruits of this plague are becoming more and more juicy. We are eating one of these fruits today. Although this split is not the latest one, it still did not lose its taste. Hmm, I recognize the style of the artist who designed the previous release – Double Me. Only now he portrayed bound hands covered with sores … what a gloomy image! 🙂 Hmm, I note that the Double Me sounds a little denser on this release, … Continue reading Double Me / Han Solo