Splat – Dead Fucking Bodies (Viscera Records)

Yep… it was so long ago when I had a chance to review something that really sounds bad. Today I will be suffering from noises of the guys who are totally in love with old zombie films. Splat is a band (I believe that I can call it that, totally unknown) with a drum program in the background whose sound reminds me of Noise, more than anything that can be named Goregrind. However this small CDr release has a pretty lovely cover with Leatherface on it (unfortunately that didn’t help to make this release better). Sadly, these guys used damn … Continue reading Splat – Dead Fucking Bodies (Viscera Records)

Gore / Impalement Mouths Sodomy (Viscera Records)

Goregrind has always been a lovely genre for me. The genre is loaded to the top with serious themes about serial killers, bloody murders, mutations and stupid gore jokes. The last few last years there was a huge ugly wave that came across our planet which gave birth to many new bands. Well sometimes it’s hard to find something really worthy in that heap of slime, but we always have an old band, that’s still active and still rocks! So that’s why I picked up this new split of Brazilian legends, Gore. For this split they chose a filthy one … Continue reading Gore / Impalement Mouths Sodomy (Viscera Records)