Pulmonary Fibrosis – Nasal Nauseous Vomit Liquid Goregrind History Volume 1

Pulmonary Fibrosis are a legendary gore squad with very kind people. These dudes have been acting since 1998 (almost 25), of course, during all these years guys released tons of materials… logically, the question arose about creating their discography. And last yeas such release was done. Vol 1 contains 67 songs from the very first Demo 1999, Promo 2001, 3way with Bloodshed / Inhumate, split with Ulcerrhoea, old tape with Drogheda / S.A.M.K. / Downright, (which contains record session in “Popeye Local” + live records from a few old gigs). Massive load of noise, isn`t it? So we have here … Continue reading Pulmonary Fibrosis – Nasal Nauseous Vomit Liquid Goregrind History Volume 1

Sheeva Yoga – Vanitas Vanitatum

Last year was rich with a ton of great releases. Grindcore, gore, death metal, and powerviolence but there weren`t much of fastcore releases. Today I want to spin a bloody good LP of Sheeva Yoga. These are awesome fast boys from Ostrava (Czech Republic). Vanitas Vanitatum was released last year by many labels in 10″ vinyl format. Must admit that it’s very pleasant to hold this record in my hands, read everything and look at the strange and interesting cover art. This is a really cool thing, but what’s gonna happen if we put a needle on it? From the … Continue reading Sheeva Yoga – Vanitas Vanitatum

Huge clean up from Grindfather prod!

Our good friend Grindfather prod is moving from his old house, and he is cluttered with a ton of great stuff, so let`s give him a hand! Please check his distro, (I bet that you will find something for your collections) and help him out! You can check all stuff at Discogs or at Myshopify! Continue reading Huge clean up from Grindfather prod!

Split Vile Sect / Nazi Killer is out!

The second pressing of this awesome split is ready! UK powerviolence/fastcore turbo release is available again! You can get a copy from the bands (vasaex@yahoo.co.uk /  joeparkes@hotmail.co.uk) or from the labels: Samizdat Records (UK) / Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records (UK) / DeadHeroes rec / Gronk Records / Hecatombe rec / Repulsive Medias / Swalase records / Hardcore For The Losers / 9 Lies records / Legion Productions / No Time Records / Grindhead Records  Continue reading Split Vile Sect / Nazi Killer is out!

Endless Bore – What Do You Dig For​?​!

At the beginning of this dark year, Melbournes hardcore brothers Endless Bore released their new stuff! This is short but very intensive and great, let`s say, mini album. One of the best moments of this record is that it is limited to 50 copies, also it`s lathe cut 10″ format (but we have here stereo sound ). Everything is packed with love and looks very nice. And now let`s play these 7 lovely songs! I freaking love this small record, guys mix punk, and hardcore extremely well, and each song sounds loud, full of energy, and fresh. This noise was … Continue reading Endless Bore – What Do You Dig For​?​!

The first ever GGGG merch!

The design is made by Giulio Huere for GGGG. There will be: Shorts – logo and picture Shirts – logo and picture on front and anti war slogan on Back Zippers – small logo on left breast and shirt design on back Hoodies – huge logo on front and shirt design on back Everything will be printed by Mario Zumpe and Co (Grind The Nazi Scum), so you can pre-order everything from them! Continue reading The first ever GGGG merch!

Days of Desolation (22.02.22)

Hi, guys! How’re you doing, still at work or opened a bottle of beer and chilling? Bart: Hi Alex, I am doing fine, thanks, just got in the couch after a busy day. No beer though. Usually I don’t drink alcohol if I have to work the day after. I work as a clinical psychologist and want to give the best I can. Owen: no beer for me this evening but some smokeable stuff helps with chilling for me, haha. Jasper: no beer here either, but chilling nonetheless. Must say that I`m really waiting for this new album, it`s gonna … Continue reading Days of Desolation (22.02.22)

Split Sacthu / Syntax is out!

USA and Spain united in an unrestrained grind assault from Madrid blasters, Sacthu and LA’s long-running execution unit, Syntax. Accelerated bursts of furious intensity and savage urgency at the terminal edge of perception from two of the scene’s most ardent disciples of speed and hostility. Released by Nerve Altar rec (US) / 7Degrees (Ger) and Grindfather Productions (UK) Continue reading Split Sacthu / Syntax is out!