Dead Fetus Collection / Harmony Fault (Uterus Productions)

Brazil and Goregrind. These two words are synonyms. People of that country are really sick! There are so many bands who are screaming and roaring about murder, gore and other filthy things… And that is freaking cool! Today I wanna tell the bloody story of two slimy bands, Dead Fetus Collection and Harmony Fault. That short story has 2 chapters, chapters that will tell you about horror and disgusting things. The first chapter called “Dead Fetus Collection”… Dead Fetus Collection is a band that got my attention a few years back and the first piece of noise that I heard … Continue reading Dead Fetus Collection / Harmony Fault (Uterus Productions)

Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration – Long Live The New Flesh! (Uterus Productions)

I found this CD in a big pack from the Italian Gore label and I really can’t say that I was not excited to have it. I never much liked this band, but anyway I will try to write with maximum honesty (without any prejudice) words about this album. If I remember right this French project consist of only one person. The guy tagged his music as Goregrind, but it sound more like primitive black metal. Honestly just listen the first track… I’m pretty sure that he is trying to create something close to the creativity of Llymphatic Phlegm, but, … Continue reading Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration – Long Live The New Flesh! (Uterus Productions)

Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness / Proctalgia (Uterus Productions)

2016 became a very fruitful year for german label Uterus Productions. This label released a whole bunch of nasty and sick stuff and today we will review the position №13 in their catalog. So it’s split between dutch duo Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness and filipino one man band Proctalgia. Ok, SPOW goes first. I don’t know why but their cyber noise don’t disgust me. I even got some mood boost bit while listening to this nonsense. I doubt very much that the guys tried to play something serious. The guitar sounds like it was written in some Guitar Pro, but … Continue reading Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness / Proctalgia (Uterus Productions)

Gore / Hipermenorrea (Uterus Productions)

Very old and (in their circles) legendary formation Gore recently awakened from a long sleep and began to actively prepare new material. One of its last works was the split with the Mexicans Hipermenorrea. Thanks to the efforts of the german Uterus Productions office, this material has been released in vinyl format. A disgustingly and worthlessly designed outer sleeve (I only like half-rotten skull with red hair, which reminded me of the old gay David Mustaine, ahaha) hides a beautiful, bloody red vinyl inside of it that we are going to put on the platter right now 🙂All bands have … Continue reading Gore / Hipermenorrea (Uterus Productions)

Regurgimentacao Necrovaginal Sangrenta – Contos de Impulsos Antropofagicos, Mutilacoes, Desmembramentos E Manifestacoes de Doencas Cronicas (Uterus Productions)

Remember how I always said that you should not judge releases only by front covers? Before I came across some really great stuff with inconspicuous/grey cover arts, but now, he-he, I review a record where design and arts looks much better then music inside. Cover artist created a pretty disgusting picture. If not look close enough, one may think that this picture was painted with oil paint. Looking at that “Mona Lisa” you draw a goregrind record in your imagination, but unfortunately that’s not true… Well, goregrind is present here, but in very small amounts. The newest cd of Brazilian … Continue reading Regurgimentacao Necrovaginal Sangrenta – Contos de Impulsos Antropofagicos, Mutilacoes, Desmembramentos E Manifestacoes de Doencas Cronicas (Uterus Productions)

Agathocles / Degenerhate

Sometimes it’s a pleasure to deal with bands that you know very well. You think that everything’s simple here, like 2+2=4. But it isn’t like that all the time, fortunately. 🙂 Makings split with those belgian monsters has became a real cult. Some bands make it just for fun, when the others want to do a respect for the veterans. I have been thinking for a long time why they used an advertisement of antidepressants in the artwork. But when it came to playing the first track everything have gone to its places. Shit, the thing which AG made is … Continue reading Agathocles / Degenerhate

Intestinal Rot – Re-Inventing Mankind

Quiet wind, eternal trees, majestic rivers flow in absolute calmness. We all heard all that shit about Canada in shool, right? Our teachers carefully concealed what was hidden behind this beautiful picture. In fact, a dozen of really sick bands are hidden there. I’ve heard a lot of teams, that were trying to combine the brutal death with goregrind, but I didn’t like almost all of them. I cannot say that I was impressed by Intestinal Rot for all 100%, but these Canadian guys know how to play good shit. For me, the best part of the Re-Inventing Mankind was … Continue reading Intestinal Rot – Re-Inventing Mankind

Uterus Productions!

Uterus Productions was founded in September 2014 by Antonio Vitolo and Amos Lachat.The Idea Of Founding a label came as a result, when both were active together on a contemporary project called „Advanced Xenomorp Uteral Tumour“, and released the first EP „Uteruses Will Be Obliterated“. Also the passion and vast interest in extreme Underground and experimental music pushed the idea further and motivated to make Uterus Productions bigger and a more active Label.The Sound is not bounded by any certain genres, but of course also keeps up with our musical tastes.Which can vary from Death Metal, Black Metal, Power Electronics, … Continue reading Uterus Productions!