Cocäine Tîtans!

Cocäine Tîtans is Houston based grindcore band formed in January 2022. Starting off as a fun Bandcamp project Cocäine Tîtans plays fast brutal music with drug dealing and hater-killing lyrics. On the first day we formed we wrote and recorded “The Drip” sessions in one day on a phone and dropped it in band camp. One month later we followed up with Raw and Uncut ep with added bass player and a couple of months later we recorded Chosen Violence LP. Contacts: Bandcamp page / Facebook page  Continue reading Cocäine Tîtans!

Impugned / Irradiated / Scumeater / Meatus

State of World Deception is an interesting split, it`s rare to see representatives from all 3 parts of the American continents. We have here Impugned from Argentina, Irradiated from the USA, Scumeater from Polans and Meatus from Canada, a nice bunch isn`t it? Let`s start with Impugned. Actually, this is a very new band for me, and I was pleasantly surprised. Guys have nice old-school material with not the worst production. Growling vocal especially sounds good with a rhythm section. I found only one a bit negative moment in this session, it`s a guitar tone, it sounds dry… but this … Continue reading Impugned / Irradiated / Scumeater / Meatus

Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival (01.07.22)

Greeting Curby! How are you doing my friend, busy and tired?) Haha…yeah, a few weeks before the festival, it’s always terrible, mate! Totally busy, changes every day, always something with some band and so on! I don`t want to cry, I am happy I can do it! As the Mandalorian says: „This is the way”, ha! I really love when the first band grab their strings and the first tone is on!!! It`s the best feeling after the last weeks before the fest. In just a few weeks and the gates to the Battlefield will be opened. How do you … Continue reading Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival (01.07.22)

Trappist / Hetze

This small 7″ release will rip off your head with its energy. Despite the fact that this record was released a year ago, I still listen to it at least one or two times a week. Trappist / Hetze split is a good way to cheer up yourself and charge with a solid portion of energy. So today I`m proposing you to joining me and listen to this lovely split together! First on the line is Trappist. This is an LA all-star band featuring members of Killed in Action, Crom, Despise You & Spazz (impressive isn`t it?). The US side … Continue reading Trappist / Hetze

Truth Of All Death / Girth

If you’re a fan of grindcore (like me), you’ll probably enjoy this split tape. This stuff was released 1.5 years ago, but what the hell, it`s an actual and good release! TOAD served us with groovy-as-hell mince/grindcore. The whole production is very DIY, the sound is raw and messy but brings so much joy! The drums on this album are really tight, especially the snare. The guitar tone is low and pleasant. I really feel that guys were inspired by Agathocles and Haggus during the creation process. Result – heavy, brutal, and absolutely murderous mincing grindcore with dual vocals – … Continue reading Truth Of All Death / Girth

Bad Acid Trip – Taught To Fear

Bad Acid Trip are back! A veteran of the Los Angeles scene since 89, they have been from LA backyards, to the stage at Ozzfest and everywhere in between. Needless to say that this is a unique name among grindcore bands, unique because they were never afraid to experiment with the music. 7 years of silence and finally a fresh record! But this is not just a crazy cross-genre record, with this brand new album B.A.T. returned to their grind roots. The color palette of the cover “Taught To Fear” reminded me of an old poster for the movie Toxic … Continue reading Bad Acid Trip – Taught To Fear

Nak’ay / Hate For Humanity

Holly hell, they really did it again! We have here the US grindcore in its best form, god damn! I really believe that that continent has a lot of crazy and talented people. I won`t list these bands, you know them perfectly… but I want to draw your attention to Nak’ay / Hate For Humanity split LP. This shit is totally insane, both bands surprised and smashed me, there is so much hate and aggression in this record, fuck… Nakay / Indiana. What a brutal mess we have here! What is powerful about this side is the quality of the … Continue reading Nak’ay / Hate For Humanity