Evisorax- Isle of Dogs (Epileptic Media)

If you take a close look at the UK, then you will probably see that the people living there is very strange. Even in the famous cartoon Obelix says something like “Those Brits are absolutely out of their minds.” And it’s not just their food and sports, this madness has penetrated into music as well. Today I will discuss the debut work of crazy guys from Evisorax. The big surprise for me was to get this cassette, since they all were sold long time ago, there were only 40 (!) of them.This unremarkable, pink coloured cassette, in fact, turns out … Continue reading Evisorax- Isle of Dogs (Epileptic Media)

Krupskaya – Symbiosis Through Decay (Ignore This Records)

This seven-inch was waiting for its moment for a long time. I could not find the right words that would describe this madness, and I must say I feel very sorry for that. “Symbiosis Through Decay” was released quite a while ago, but as for me it will never loose its relevance and its specificity. Krupskaya is the band that is completely insane even if you put it in one row with other wild collectives of Great Britain.A very strict and dark art. All in dark colors. Looking at this piece of plastic and paper, I could not help thinking … Continue reading Krupskaya – Symbiosis Through Decay (Ignore This Records)

Horsebastard / Noisebazooka (EveryDayHate, Grind Chucks Div.)

Two twin brothers that were separated when they were small kids – that is the best metaphor that would describe these two bands and the level of their insanity. They were born thousands kilometers away from each other, but they grew up very similar, and now they are ready to go wild. The cover of this album only proves the fact that you hold a very big thing in your hands. I had the first impression that the cover image came out of depths of psychiatric isolator, wahaha!I always had Horsebastard in my list of the most extreme and crazy … Continue reading Horsebastard / Noisebazooka (EveryDayHate, Grind Chucks Div.)