Undinism – We Are Retarded (Grindfather Productions)

Here it is, tremendous legacy of very good, crazy old australian band. I dont know about you guys but personally I think that they are legendary and they deserve to enter the list of legendary bands of grind underground. We Are Retarded is a tape re-press of old (now pretty rare) CD Born With An Erection. And this discography is a good history lesson for the younger grind freaks generation. These songs are smeared with frivolous, dirty and perverted themes. Noisy, angry with fierce screams and with madness so thats how Undinism is. Here some strange things about this band. … Continue reading Undinism – We Are Retarded (Grindfather Productions)

Undinism ‎– Untitled (Hotel Broslin)

Hell yeah! You can say whatever you want but this shit is really cool! It`s only the first release of young australian label Hotel Broslin and it is already so tight! I have no idea where and how they found those rare Undinism records, but I am really happy that they are not lost and now everyone can get & listen this stuff. This band gave a good punch for australian underground scene and I really respect and love those guys for that. A very notable photo was chosen for the cover. The man on this photo has a very … Continue reading Undinism ‎– Untitled (Hotel Broslin)