Beggin For Oxys/ Eye Gag/ Coke Nail/ Oozing Meat

N – for noisecore! For today’s review, I got a very harsh pack of 4 bands. 3 projects are from the USA and one from Canada, and I think all of them are one-man projects (pard me if I`m wrong). Must admit that the whole material is ridiculously brutal and primitive. It also can make irreparable damage to your ears, so don`t play this tape too loud guys :). – Let’s begin with  Beggin For Oxys. This is a straight pissed off style of noisecore, you won’t hear anything except a wall of nonstop screams, drums, and sharp annoying creaking … Continue reading Beggin For Oxys/ Eye Gag/ Coke Nail/ Oozing Meat

Good Guys at Grind Here Right Now! (22/23.11.19)

It’s always a pleasure to escape from your own country and join friends at a good Grind festival. This year my target was Grind Here Right Now Fest. The line up of it was huge and juicy, and fuck, it was right after my birthday, so the decision was easy, haha. But beforehand, I flew to Berlin to check some good museums and hang out with some friends. My good friend Keule (Rodel Rec) showed me a few things and introduced me to a super cool punk bar that’s still a pretty active and popular space for local underground people. … Continue reading Good Guys at Grind Here Right Now! (22/23.11.19)

Impetigo / Noise Nihilist

This is indeed an unexpected split, and a blast from the past at it’s best – Unbreakable legend Impetigo and Polish (at least one of the guys are from Poland) noisers Noise Nihilist. Some of you may blame the label in trying to get some profit, but that is bullshit. This is just a small present for all old school lovers who are nostalgic for some old tunes. Along with these moldy songs there is cool artwork, bloody red color, a bunch of zombies, and pieces of bodies mounted on stakes. So let’s spin this badass!   I’ve been listening to … Continue reading Impetigo / Noise Nihilist

Happy 6th anniversary to us!

Today is a special day for us – 6 years ago, GGGG was started! Everything began with a few old interviews that I did not want to throw in the trash bin. So I found few people who loved grindcore as much as I do, and we started this zine. At first it was a blog. It was a pain in the ass to make it work, but somehow we managed to do that, haha! And look at us now! A proper site, international team, and huge number of readers. I’m really grateful for all your attention and warm words… … Continue reading Happy 6th anniversary to us!