SOOM – Джєбарс (Robustfellow)

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel the need for slow, hellish music. Sometimes, I just want to hear something that is viciously callous and devastating. Thankfully, noise-terrorists SOOM recently released their second album Джєбарс, to be honest I expect a lot from this full length… Chief of the Robustfellow label gave me this tape for review. I must say, I was really surprised with its looks and design. This is some truly nerdy stuff; the colors, the form, the way the whole hardcover connected – it’s really something. All polygraphy was made in Ukraine but the tapes were made and recorded … Continue reading SOOM – Джєбарс (Robustfellow)

Rubufaso Mukufo / Nervous Impulse / Epicrise

Wake up sleepy head, it’s time for Grind! Today your silent morning will be crushed with this nice 3-way split. So let’s find out what is hidden under this cheesy cover art… It’s so lovely to see that Rubufaso Mukufo is back! This is a new line up, new power, new sound and life for this band (at least I hope so). I can honestly say that these 11 songs are a good step in a direction to a new higher level. All the material has a better, more clean sound (with metal taste). The songs wreak of punk riffs … Continue reading Rubufaso Mukufo / Nervous Impulse / Epicrise

Обрій – Олтар Утопії

Back in the 90’s Death Metal was a pretty popular genre. I guess that time was a hayday for that kind of noise. Almost every countries had their own strong bands. Unfortunately my country could not boast of such things, until today. So we now have our hands on “Олтар Утопії ” which is the first work made by Ukrainian band Обрій. These guys worked on these tunes for about 4 years and that was worth it. At first the guys just uploaded this EP on the internet, but who the hell cares about digital stuff? That’s why Обрій has … Continue reading Обрій – Олтар Утопії

Massive re-press at Horns and Hoofs rec!

Nekrofilth / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium Carcass Grinder / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium Abigail / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium / Sete Star Sept  Lividity / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium Send all your questions to Continue reading Massive re-press at Horns and Hoofs rec!

4th anniversary!

On this day, 4 long years ago Good Guys Go Grind was born. Lead by a man who’s passion for reviewing and listening to music continues to drive him forward today. Good Guys Go Grind seemed to explode over night and became one of the biggest Underground Media outlets in the Extreme Music community. Now, the 2 man team of Alex and Shawn push ahead into the unknown. Where will the future take us? Continue reading 4th anniversary!

Zombies Eat My Neighbours – S/T (Surrogate rec)

This band has already existed more than 10 years… But unfortunately they’ve remained almost unknown outside of Ukraine. For these years this band has suffered a lot, like any other band they’ve had a lot of line-up changes and trouble with labels. But finally, this year small diy label Surrogate Records released both of their albums on one tape. This tape looks very simple, as I know these guys tried to make it look like a pirate tape (bootleg cassette), well they managed to do that (i`m pretty sure that cover art is stolen from the internet, hahaha. So, boys … Continue reading Zombies Eat My Neighbours – S/T (Surrogate rec)

VAVA – demo 2017 (Rotova Porojnina Records)

I got this tape from the Rotova Porojnina Records Cihef. This raw and short piece of noise was his first release. So let’s see what we got here. So if I understand everything right VAVA is a solo project from the drummer of Malad. First of all I must draw your attention to the fact that it is very primitive stuff. And I can say that after listening to this tape I remain a fan. The art of this tape is pretty nice, this primitive picture reminds me of some old soviet cartoons. VAVA consists only of drums and screams. … Continue reading VAVA – demo 2017 (Rotova Porojnina Records)

GRIND За**ісь PARTY # 6

В суботу 22 квітня пройшов 6-й концертний грайнд вогник під вивіскою “GRIND За**ісь PARTY”. Почалося все з невеличкої затримки, яка дала змогу “заправитися” фанатам на вулиці та досхочу поспілкуватися між собою. Приємно було бачити стільки знайомих облич, та гуртів під одним дахом. Почувши скрипучі звуки саундчеку, я зайшов в середину. Відповідальна місія відкривати цей концерт випала запорізьким хлопцям Hinnom Vultures. Налаштувавшись, хлопці вдарили першими звуками по вухам небагаточисленної публіки. Чув цей гурт вперше, нічого не очікував, але чесно-кажучи лишилися позитивні враження. Хлопці видали хорошу суміш хардкор красту, приправлену ледь помітною мелодичністю. Публіка була вже достатньо розігріта і наступними на сцену вийшли місцеві панки Diversion. … Continue reading GRIND За**ісь PARTY # 6

Skruta​\​Internal Damage (Trismus Records)

For this split, guys from Skruta provided 4 raw songs. If you are a big fan of Nasum or Gadget, then it is unlikely that you would like this sound. But for me, it sounds pretty good. The only thing I do not like here is a guitar sound (It lacks meatiness and volume). All songs are cheerful with a good serve and enjoyable blast beat. Hmm… I guess, from all this material, the song “Three fingers up your ass” is amongst the best, it’s kind of protest against the activities of the local national party / organization.  So, hello … Continue reading Skruta​\​Internal Damage (Trismus Records)

Krupskaya / Foible Instinct (7 Degrees Records)

This beautiful (at first look) split is very meaningful for both bands. Both bands are celebrating pretty respectful anniversary of 10 years of cooperative work since they have started making their own glory and concerts on stages of different countries. One of the strongest sides for this split it’s a design that has a very high quality and beauty, this vinyl makes a real pleasure to hold it inhands. Also this release reminds me a coin and as you may know, coin always has 2 sides. The same as this split that has its’ own side of this vinyl, it’s a … Continue reading Krupskaya / Foible Instinct (7 Degrees Records)

Warningfog – Fog Warning (Freak Friendly diy)

Here we got a brand new name in grind underground. Warningfog is a reincarnation of Foible Instinct (but now these guys play as a trio). Transforming into new band guys haven’t been wasting any time and recorded a whole album in a short time. It’s interesting that even the drummer wrote songs (because in most cases guitarists do this) In total, in cozy basement of Evergreen, there were recorded16 tracks. We’ll speak about song themes a little bit later, but first I want to pay more attention to the very high quality art which decorates this album. This gloomy fog … Continue reading Warningfog – Fog Warning (Freak Friendly diy)