Skruta​\​Internal Damage (Trismus Records)

For this split, guys from Skruta provided 4 raw songs. If you are a big fan of Nasum or Gadget, then it is unlikely that you would like this sound. But for me, it sounds pretty good. The only thing I do not like here is a guitar sound (It lacks meatiness and volume). All songs are cheerful with a good serve and enjoyable blast beat. Hmm… I guess, from all this material, the song “Three fingers up your ass” is amongst the best, it’s kind of protest against the activities of the local national party / organization.  So, hello … Continue reading Skruta​\​Internal Damage (Trismus Records)

Coffin Birth / Total Fucking Destruction / Insomnia Isterica / Skruta (4-way split)

This intercontinental split has experienced many delays and other difficulties. But nevertheless with joint efforts of bunch of labels this finally happened and split was released. Badass white vinyl with weird art from Jon (fantastic artist from Russia) is great and beautiful (of course only if you’re a fan of vomiting monsters with three heads:)) present for all grindcore fans.Coffin Birth opens this split. This material is not new (these 3 songs were taken from Cult of the Technocrat tape) but it`s still very cool. I always liked their straight and honest grindcore. Of course in their music there is … Continue reading Coffin Birth / Total Fucking Destruction / Insomnia Isterica / Skruta (4-way split)

Human Error & Psykoanalyysi split CD!

While I was raking musical debris, I found a great split of Hungarian band Human Error and Finnish band Psykoanalyysi. This release was waiting for a long time to finally come out, and at last, Trismus Rec. released it. This CD is made in stylish digipack, 3 segments, classic crust-design, all black’n’white. It is really a job well done, and this CD will definitely take place in my collection. I remember Human Error gig in my town, that was considerably powerful crust-grind tornado… But this CD is completely another story. There is a cool D-BEAT from Human Error! 12 energetic … Continue reading Human Error & Psykoanalyysi split CD!

Diskobra/Displease split CD/tape!

Diskobra/Displease split was released by Trismus Records from Uzhgorod on DIY tape and Pro-CD. I am a really big fan of DIY (you could call it some kind of lifestyle), but I don’t like when you do it carelessly, ’cause you need to put the part of your soul in it. And when I keep this CD in my hands, I feel that they tried real hard on this release, so I should give them a credit for that. Pasteboard case, CD-R and booklet printed on generic printer, looking really good. But enough about appearance. First on this split goes … Continue reading Diskobra/Displease split CD/tape!