Tolerance (26.04.18)

Hello Mr Urho! how are you doing man? Hope all fine on your end, and the beers are cold… Hi Alexander!! Thanks for getting in touch! It’s really nice to have this chance to chat. I suppose I’m doing okay for the most part. Lately I have been way too stressed out though, and in some ways my life (or at least the way I experience it) has been quite unstable. But l can’t really complain either, as at the moment I have a job which I really like, I’m surrounded by really wonderful people and I have a ton … Continue reading Tolerance (26.04.18)

Out now at Grindfather productions!

Six Brew Bantha – Blight  Tolerance/Cystoblastosis split tape Blood – Christbait Impetigo/Blood split tape Netjajev Society System – “Thule Tachyon Tantra” Avon Dealer – Scifantanimangamythologist You can buy these beauties at Continue reading Out now at Grindfather productions!

Tolerance – 26 Raw Trax Demo

Last year this small demo tape became a really big and nice discovery for me. Who the hell could have thought that in the country full of good pagan/black/viking bands, there could be such a small but very stinking boil cyst. Here is some info that I was able to find about this project. This putrid monster is controlled by only one man, Urho (who is also playing in the bands Rust and Beer Terror). In his spare time, this guy likes to ride a sled and the rest of the time he is busy writing a new and nasty … Continue reading Tolerance – 26 Raw Trax Demo