Tired of Everything – Silenced (To Live A Lie)

Today, we’ve got something pretty special! By now, you should all know about To Live A Lie (and if you don’t, you’re fucking up), run by Mr. Will Butler. He’s put out some of the best releases in grind and powerviolence, but this release by Tired of Everything is special – it’s got the man himself on vocals! Let’s take a look at the package – the whole thing is really simplistic (which is never a bad thing); it gets down to business. The front is just some black and white art with the band name, and the inside is … Continue reading Tired of Everything – Silenced (To Live A Lie)

To Live A Lie Records (03.06.17)

Hi, Will! How’re you doing? Let’s start with the question that was bugging me for a long time: how do you manage to keep your thick beard in perfect shape? Does it help with managing label?) Oddly it isn’t much to keep in shape, it is more keeping it out of things.. car doors, guitar straps, bike gears. To the second question, it makes most of the business decisions. Quite obvious question, but still, how TLAL started? Was your decision about starting it instant and impulsive, or you thought about every detail before starting it? I feel like everyone questions … Continue reading To Live A Lie Records (03.06.17)

Still hot! Badass album from Humus finally out!

You can get that album from following labels: Up the Punx Records (Pol) Fuck the Police Records (Esp)Orchestrated Dystopia (Uk)To Live a Lie (USA)Grind Your Mind (Bra)Quien Calla Otorga (Arg)Death Crush (Ita)Zas Autoproduzioni (Ita)Angry Voice (Ger)Eskaramuza Distro (Chi)Distrozione (Ita)Nuclear Alcoholocaust Records (Fra) Continue reading Still hot! Badass album from Humus finally out!