Zombies Eat My Neighbours – S/T (Surrogate rec)

This band has already existed more than 10 years… But unfortunately they’ve remained almost unknown outside of Ukraine. For these years this band has suffered a lot, like any other band they’ve had a lot of line-up changes and trouble with labels. But finally, this year small diy label Surrogate Records released both of their albums on one tape. This tape looks very simple, as I know these guys tried to make it look like a pirate tape (bootleg cassette), well they managed to do that (i`m pretty sure that cover art is stolen from the internet, hahaha. So, boys … Continue reading Zombies Eat My Neighbours – S/T (Surrogate rec)

ACxDC / Disparo! (Here And Now!)

You probably can’t find any disadvantages of this split’s artwork. The artist had made fun of anything as much as possible. He threw some shit on massons, christianity, also the faith in Velzevul, this is a rare funny shit. And behind this funny cover two good bands from two enormous continents are hiding. Americans Antichrist Demoncore are becoming very popular, though I have tried to understand why, I couldn’t. Guys play excelent fast and agressive hardcore (and on this record we can feel some powerviolence). There is a lot of various tempo pieces. Slow, rocking, also ultra-fast moments (somehow with … Continue reading ACxDC / Disparo! (Here And Now!)

X​-​Torsion – Odio Eterno (Sengaja Records)

Spain is very rich for all kinds of talents. This wonderful country gave birth to a lot of great bands. But the most famous bands will be reviewed next time. Today, I want to put on a GGGG turntable the first album of a young band called X-torsion. If you do not take their participation in compilation into account, then OdioEterno is their first serious work. Hmmm, maybe I have to go to a psychiatrist, but the art on this album made me smile. A sort of a funny black humor half-rotten cartoon head, I could not not see anything … Continue reading X​-​Torsion – Odio Eterno (Sengaja Records)