The Arson Project (09.06.17)

Hello, friend. Did you already manage to recover after that hell tour? Having some cold beer as a medicine perhaps?) Hey man! I am recovered, but I am restless, and you don’t recover from that. So I try to do something creative every day, edit photos, videos, play guitar or something else that calm my nerves. After almost seven weeks of touring getting used to have people around you, see bands, meet people, playing shows and party you’ll get restless when you come home. And yeah, cold beer with some friends is good medicine. And first question about your long-awaited … Continue reading The Arson Project (09.06.17)

The Arson Project – Disgust (Power It Up)

The “Disgust” is a some kind of problem child. This album was born in torment… there was so much delays but finally the DAY has came and this painful and ugly monster was released. Feels that this album worked through to the smallest detail. A whole design looks like one big arts (I mean cover and inside pictures). The artist tried very hard to convey a dark and heavy athmosphere and we should admit that he made it for 100%! The gloomy detailed drawing perfectly combines with the music on this CD. As like the arts, those songs full of … Continue reading The Arson Project – Disgust (Power It Up)