Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Famine “Gold” Tape  Mortify “Demo 2017” Tape Pulmomary Fibrosis “Interstitial Lung Disease” Tape Gourmet “The Blast Supper” Tape Fentanyl Surprise “First Year Discography” Tape Test “Especies” Tape  Parazitozis / Cephalophore Split Tape The Afternoon Gentlemen “Still Pissed: 2012-2015” Tape For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

The Afternoon Gentlemen – Still Pissed 2012 – 2015 ‎(Grindfather prod)

Today will be a really hard and drunk day, haha! It because of this fun record… You all know how these people of England love to make really mad noise, right? The Afternoon Gentlemen is a wonderful example of the creation of sick minds. With this compilation the guys shoot in our faces 41 songs that are stupid fast and fun. This tape is fucking magical, here you will find more than 50 minutes of really nice dynamic and aggressive tunes. The songs on this release are short bursts of energy with perpetually blasting drums (well almost always blasting ) … Continue reading The Afternoon Gentlemen – Still Pissed 2012 – 2015 ‎(Grindfather prod)

The Afternoon Gentlemen (24.10.15)

Good afternoon, gentlemens! So, now each one of us gets some beer, and let’s begin, introduce yourselves… Hello Alex! My name is Smith and I play the drums. The other Gents are Rich (main vocals), Mick (guitar and vocals), Adam (guitar and vocals) and George (bass and vocals). This year The Afternoon Gentlemen has been very productive already, a new LP and a recent split with Czech brothers-in-grind Lycanthrophy. What’s the feedback on these releases? Also, is that it for 2015 from you? Or maybe you plan to release something else this year? Well not really, actually, we’ve been pretty … Continue reading The Afternoon Gentlemen (24.10.15)


The Afternoon Gentlemen began in 2007. Notorious local throat-shredder, beer-guzzler and grind-monger Rich joined up with ex-L.B.W members Smith, Barthur and Bear, with the intention of starting a non-serious grindcore band. The Afternoon Gentlemen continued from where L.B.W had left off, albeit with a slimmed-down line-up and a new band theme of vagrancy, alcoholism and homelessness replacing the previous obsession with Cricket (‘Afternoon Gentlemen’ being a euphemism for tramps or drunkards). Original guitarist Bear relocated to his hometown Bradley and Warboys bassist Mick (aka Oily Groico) stepped in on guitar. By the end of 2008 the Afternoon Gentlemen had unleashed 4 … Continue reading THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN!