Thanatopsis – Pathologic Embryothanatology (Horns & Hoofs Records)

What a nasty piece of plastic I got! It`s just a great present for all fans of noisy goregrind! Also this band is pretty interesting not only by their noise. There is one interesting fact about them. Thanatopsis is an intercontinental project between Brazil and Sweden! I dont know how those two sick dudes meet each other but that kind of “music” they play, I really like! Okay, many of you will say that the band is dead, because we hadn’t heard anything from them in long time, buy in real moment Thanatopsis are just in the deep freeze. I … Continue reading Thanatopsis – Pathologic Embryothanatology (Horns & Hoofs Records)


Thanatopsis is a two-piece pathological goregrind band, with one member from Brazil and one from Sweden. Formed in 2010, they play in the vein and take major influence from classics, like Carcass, Dead Infection, Haemorrhage, Last Days Of Humanity, Regurgitate, Pathologist, Necrony or Ulcerous Phlegm, as well as from newer bands like Autophagia, Feculent Goretomb, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, Lymphatic Phlegm, Pulmonary Fibrosis, etc. Short and to-the-point songs, very chaotic, messy, crusty, disgusting, noisy and pulverizing; all the key ingredients that make them exceptionally authentic of the early goregrind days. Even though Thanatopsis is a relatively new band, they’ve already proven to … Continue reading Thanatopsis!