Smallpox Aroma – Repulsive Pleasures (Hotel Broslin)

It was a pretty dark morning I was sleeping but my dreams were violently interrupted. My postman rang the fucking doorbell… That was the origin of the problem. He gave me a package and then he leaves me with this small box and a bad mood. I recognize the address, this parcel was sent by a young Australian label, Hotel Broslin. I take a big knife and opened the box. And there I found a new tape of Smallpox Aroma. I thought that a lucky case of destiny has just chosen a good release for review. But, before we begin … Continue reading Smallpox Aroma – Repulsive Pleasures (Hotel Broslin)

Smallpox Aroma – Collection of Vivisection

Thailand is a country sort of shrouded in mystery when it comes to Grind and other extreme genres of music. Hailing from Bangkok,Thailand Smallpox Aroma bring us a bone splintering dose of Goregrind and Grindcore. This release features 70 tracks from across their discography. The cover art is very simple and doesn’t distract you too much from the real artistry. Depicting a human head swarming with maggots and insect larvae. Now let’s dig into the massive feast laid before us. I must admit it’s definitely odd to hear Smallpox Aroma with a drum program/drum machine after being so adjusted to … Continue reading Smallpox Aroma – Collection of Vivisection

Smallpox Aroma – Collection of Vivisection!

A 70-song compilation album featuring the tracks from the 6 previously released splits recorded between 2006-2011. Back to the old days when they still played some mix of majorly goregrind and minorly grindcore. Disgusting grunts, sharp shrieks, chunky riffs, punky riffs, grooves, and blastbeats. You can order this CD directly thru the BAND! Continue reading Smallpox Aroma – Collection of Vivisection!

Cystgurgle (15.08.17)

Hey Polwach, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to do this interview with Good Guys Go Grind.   What’s up Shawn/GGGG. My pleasures man. Go for it. Some of us are curious, what was it exactly that peaked your interest about drumming?   Well, I started listening to rock and extreme music when I was like 13-14 and the drums attracted me the most. From that point I started to learn drumming. I remembered when I first listened to Diabolis Interium by Dark Funeral and was amazed on how fast that shit was. So what can you … Continue reading Cystgurgle (15.08.17)