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Necrose – “Discography 1992-2013” Tape Meatus – “The Groaning Time” Tape  Sete Star Sept – “List Of Assassin” Tape Tersanjung 13 – “Ears Slaughter 2002-2013” Tape Suffering Mind / Nakay Split Tape Jack – “Neurosis” Tape  For more info just visit   Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Tersanjung 13 (15.05.14)

Hi, guys! Well, let’s start. With what Tersanjung 13 is going to strike the world of underground music now?  Hi Alex, we do not have the ability to do that, hahahah, we just have fun in our own way. What the hell with this world. we rally happy what we play now, no matter how people like it or not, we were lucky, had many loyal friends who support us to do something for fun. What’s your favorite character of Star Wars?  We don’t give a shit with Star Wars movie…. No I mean, I know a lot of cool … Continue reading Tersanjung 13 (15.05.14)