Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth (Televised Suicide Records)

Australian label Televised Suicide rec. is very serious about getting their own grind-market segment of old school rotten undeground. Their most fresh product came to my hands recently, so I can’t ignore it and I have listened to it very carefully. The result is below. This split came up to be a pure australian, both bands live at the land of kangaroo, the label is from there too. This split is decorated in a conservative, classical way, as for grindcore. They used the photographies from the most terrible period of vietnamese history. The vinyl itself has an innocent white color … Continue reading Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth (Televised Suicide Records)

Televised Suicide!

“I started the label around November/December of 2014 to release music that I liked from round the world and local stuff that deserves more attention, every release has been pretty different in terms of styles of punk, raw punk, d-beat, power violence, etc etc etc…” Contacts: Facebook page BigcartelBandcamp Releases: TS1 – Dilate – Demo flexi TS2 – Blockhead – Demo tape TS3 – Koszmar – Destrukcja flexi TS4 – People Problem – Examinations tape (sold out) TS5 – Shackles – West Coast Live Destruction tape TS6 – Cum – Success 7″ TS7 – Gross – All In One tape … Continue reading Televised Suicide!