Unpalatable Gore Offering 4 way split!

The “Unpalatable Gore Offering” is the fourth split from Choothar Tapes. This time Elliot Smith put together 4 bands from different and dark corners of our shitty planet. Art for this noisy tape was made with the use of lovely pink and grey colors. And fuck yeah, everything looks so cute, hahaha! First band in this split is Meatus. As many of you may know, this is a one man project with Joe (Violent Gorge, Archagathus) in charge. Usually the noise of this band stands out with its messy, raw and low sound. But these 6 songs have pretty shitty … Continue reading Unpalatable Gore Offering 4 way split!

Vulgaroyal Bloodhill/ Sulsa (Soondoongi)

Today two rival Asian countries mount our musical ring: Sulsa from South Korea and Vulgaroyal Bloodhill from Japan. While bands take their operating sites, let’s describe each one in detail… In due order the first one shall be a band which opens the split. Vulgaroyal Bloodhill hold themselves out as new wave of Japanese goregrind which it is, actually. The quartette of blood-stained samurai have brought into being great groove: a grim cocktail of gore, punk and grindcore. Such Hurricane Katrina knocked me dead. I was pleased with variegated sound and composition of those 5 songs, though they aren’t beyond … Continue reading Vulgaroyal Bloodhill/ Sulsa (Soondoongi)