Stheno / Facada – Primitive

This is hard but tasty dish… this barbaric meal spiced with hellish hot Greek and Brazilian sauces. Let`s start with this interesting and “primitive” design. The artist used a pretty cool idea, I think we can call this episode historical. I mean this act on this picture, when slave kills his master… this is cruel but full of justice. Also the artist used ancient rock carvings of animals, and this added brutality to the whole arts (that was really great idea). From Greek land with 7 songs dehuman Stheno is coming ! This time this trio surprised me… their songs … Continue reading Stheno / Facada – Primitive

Stheno & Grassroll

Apparently, Greece is not only about myths and legends, but also about cool grindcore bands! I was very interested in this split and I was really looking forward to it. Mostly because I was interested in Stheno’s stuff on this split. And, well, I can’t say that I’m disappointed, but I got used to the fact that Greek musicians always make awesome and stylish arts (even on grindcore releases), but here we can see “usual” crust-art with a lot of “war things”, destruction and humanity’s being crippled. But, as we all know, don’t judge the book by its cover.I should … Continue reading Stheno & Grassroll