Sram / Archagathus

Mince on my friends! This day I want to dedicate to one very popular Grind sub genre. Today I want to write something about Mincecore. As you all well know, this genre was created by big and old guys from Agathocles, but it has been 30 years already and Mincecore is still popular (at least I think so, hahaha). There is a lot of good bands nowadays and also a ton of nasty releases. Well I chose this split because I want to compare two mince bands from the different corners of our stupid planet. So here is nice friendly … Continue reading Sram / Archagathus

Morbid Visions Arts!

Okay folks today we want to present to you another great artist. Alexander Los (also known as drummer of Sram, Warthog, Camphora Monobromata) is author of these paintings. That russian dude working in mince/punk genre, his works are pretty simple but very catchy. For more details just write to:  Continue reading Morbid Visions Arts!

Sram / Abortion

And one more grind split turned up on my turntable. So this time I`ll be listening to so noise from old dinosaurs Abortion (Slovakia) and young mincers from Sram (Russia). At first glance, this split attracts attention with its appearance. This collage is very unusual, stupid and great, isn it? All the pictures are cut from old Russian magazines about UFOs and other bullshit. I guess that’s why this stuff looks so rad, haha. Okay, hmm, let’s choose a side with which we’ll begin. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, and first will be the Sram side. Well from the very first … Continue reading Sram / Abortion

Baixo Calão/SRAM

Do you like some scary radioactive monsters? No? Well, the drummer of a band called Sram from Moscow really loves them. That’s why he created that terrible two-headed creature that is having tasty lunch made of some poor crust punk fan.Brazilians Baixo Calão, well, 2 years ago we did not know anything about them, but a European tour and a show at Obscene Extreme (OEF 2014) improved the situation pretty much. Today I want to review their work done together with the russian Sram. Brazilian headhunters recorded 4 tracks of some wonderful music in the studio. The material is not … Continue reading Baixo Calão/SRAM

Subcut / Sram

To tell you the truth, even the fact of releasing this split was a huge surprise for me. Not only because one of the few post-Soviet mincegrind band made some new material, but also because there’s very old and famous Brazilian grindcore band Subcut is also on this split! First band on this split is a Brazilian one. Now I have to start with telling you how good their artwork is. Yeah, you’re right, nothing new here, but it’s grindcore, it’s how it should be. It depicts the most current themes of evil that humanity brings upon itself, like war, repression, … Continue reading Subcut / Sram

Sram (20.12.13)

Hi, Vanya! How’re you doin’, fed a bear already?)Hey! I dont feed bears i eat bears. Eat bears and drink beers! Ugh! I am also having toothache right now and it’s fucking annoying. I think it would be worth to tell our readers about a band itself, how it all started and what’s going on with SRAM nowadays?First we’ve been jamming some sorta noise rock with our first drummer but after visiting obscene extreme we’ve decided that noise rock is stupid. We’ve realised that the only real music should be based on blastbeats, dbeats, illegible vocals and also on weed … Continue reading Sram (20.12.13)