Malignant Tumour / Squash Bowels (Fat Ass records)

Be careful kids because today we will open an old bag full of pale and ugly maggots. And this year it turns (no fucking way!) 20 years old! So I carefully put the reissue of the MT/SB split, on my turntable. And I must admit that this white color (the color of hospital a ward) is damn good. The whole new design is badass, I mean that all the visuals are reborn in new high quality skin. Front art with a pathological theme reminds me something from Carcass works. This dirty autopsy table, sharp scalpel and the hand of a … Continue reading Malignant Tumour / Squash Bowels (Fat Ass records)

Great proposition from Power it Up records!

Phlegm As A Last Consequence 2xLP. PresaleThe record Store Edition as double vinyl issue is limited to 99 handnumbered copies in clear green vinyl and smokey vinyl. The bonus LP “Face the Consequences” (Bonus LP) contains 43 different bands (like Gut,Dead Infection, Ahumado Granujo, Squash Bowels, Gutalax and myn more)or entertainers who are performing the biggest track “Consequence” from ULCEROUS PHLEGM in different styles. The bonus include aseperate Poster Cover! Make your order HERE! Continue reading Great proposition from Power it Up records!

Squash Bowels (11.01.15)

Hi, Arthur! How’re you doing, have you already prepared brazier for hot and juicy BBQ?) Hi Alexander! I’m OK, just I’m preparing next portion of BBQ (ribs, sausage, fishes). Since I started use my own BBQ and smokehouse it’s my perfect time to rest after work. You know, preparing your own products like ham, tenderlion, pork, etc is really exciting ! and of course more tasty than from regular shops. There is nothing to compare. Few days ago I had to throw away sausages from my fridge because my children didn’t want eat it. Well, you subdued America again. Congrats … Continue reading Squash Bowels (11.01.15)