Mesrine / Sposa In Alto Mare (No Bread rec)

Sometimes even re-issues can be cool…all that concentrated anger which was packed on vinyl recording was transported with care by the help of russian magnetic devices and it was recorded on tape. Artwork on this release is very good, it’s a funny joke on the old good Iron Maiden. Now Eddie is baptized by grindcore)))) And now it’s time to talk about the “music” itself…. The first are candian beer-guzzlers – Mesrine. I won’t say it’s the best material of these guys but it is as absolutely simple as always, without any special tricks, straight like an axe hit. And … Continue reading Mesrine / Sposa In Alto Mare (No Bread rec)

Psychotic Sufferance & Sposa In Alto Mare

I did not hold such DIY splits in my hands for a long time! Printing in this release is made on simple printers, all as in the good old days. There’s even an apple without any identification signs (I think this is called white label). While looking at the design of Sposa In Alto Mare side, you understand that it must be so, here it is, punk rock! I do not want to offend the fans and Psychotic Sufferance themselves, but I have listened to their side and found absolutely nothing interesting for myself. Despite the fact that the team … Continue reading Psychotic Sufferance & Sposa In Alto Mare