Final Exit / Sedem Minut Strachu (SPHC Records)

It`s very hard to review Noise releases, during the years I have not had the chance to meet many of the original and interesting Noise bands. But, this 7” is one of those special and catchy releases. We have here Final Exit from Japan and Sedem Minut Strachu from Slovakia. Noise lovers must know both of them; they are pretty unique and original. SPHC Records (located in USA) released this noise in vinyl format. This lovely colored vinyl is hiding a very high dose of Noise, so be careful and be sure to put the volume on maximum!  I want … Continue reading Final Exit / Sedem Minut Strachu (SPHC Records)

Morte Lenta – If Noisecore is Dead​.​.​.​We Are Zombies (SPHC Records)

Today’s theme is noise. “If Noisecore is Dead​.​.​.​We Are Zombies” is very nasty and noisy, and today I will put it on my turntable. Morte Lenta had a lot of records (I believe, that they will become the Brazilian version of Agathocles very soon, hehe), many of them have different material and sound, but this EP is especially rude and crazy.  I can describe this noise as fast, raw and full of ferocity. This duo is playing in the classic vein of Noisecore. Tracks are short, full of dirty overloaded sound and the structures are very primitive. To be honest … Continue reading Morte Lenta – If Noisecore is Dead​.​.​.​We Are Zombies (SPHC Records)

Noise – Demo Tapes 1991-1995 LP (SPHC)

I`m sure that many of tje noise freaks were very excited when they heard news about this release. This LP is like one old time bomb which contains some pretty rare stuff (here you may find the first 5 demo tape of Noise the band). These tapes were released at the beginning of 90’s , all of them were made in a totally diy way (self-recorded and self-released). Well in my opinion those early years were the dawn for many of the extreme and harsh genres, whether metal or noise, punk or grind. By the way one of the most … Continue reading Noise – Demo Tapes 1991-1995 LP (SPHC)

Cunts/Anal Butt (SPHC Records)

Wooooph, this split is only for sick noise maniacs… It is the sound of a clash between two continents. This sound violence will fry your brain and make your ears bleed. Expect ugly and terrible filling. This small split contains no less than a filthy cover. Only one look at this naked hairy person will make you puke, hahaha! That ridiculously dangerous cover Let’s start with Cunt`s side. Insane Japanese freaks first tease the listeners hearing with sharp peak noise (it reminds me of the sound of a guitar when it starts to buggy on stage. Then everything turns upside … Continue reading Cunts/Anal Butt (SPHC Records)

Sete Star Sept – Beast World (SPHC)

Last year this wonderful japanese two-headed monster issued its last (for the moment) album. After calling it “Beast World”, the guys quickly sent this unpleasant noisy creature to pressing (vinyl version is issued by SPHC rec). As with nearly all previous works from Sete Star Sept, this album differs with its frantic insanity. But, with every new work, noise of these guys, seems to be influenced by some kind of “free jazz” more and more. These small hatches of insane jazz dilute the general noise mass and make it more interesting. Avant-garde rhytms and screams just like from the asylum. … Continue reading Sete Star Sept – Beast World (SPHC)

Sedem Minút Strachu – Sedem Minút Samurai (SPHC Records)

Scary neanderthals that smell like toxic onion stench settled on the shores of the glorious country of the sun and began their barbaric attack! 🙂 Sedem Minút Samurai was recorded during the Japan Tour of this glorious trio. An interesting fact: famous (in small circles) master of noise Ryohei Kikuchi took his part in recording these 33 seconds of noise. And it was issued specially for American SMS tour (a limited issue), the casual version was released in the begining of 2017 on old-fashioned vinyl format (with a big hole), all this madness is a job of SPHC rec… Sedem … Continue reading Sedem Minút Strachu – Sedem Minút Samurai (SPHC Records)

Final Exit – Seasons Are Going And Going…. And Lives Goes On (SPHC)

A great band, gorgeous album… At first “Seasons Are Going And Going…. And Lives Goes On” was released in 2008 (in CD format). But vinyl pervert Dan McGregor decided to re-release this noisy thing on his own label SPHC rec. And so this album got a skin in the gatefold form, and all songs perfectly fit on one side of this LP (so we got single side vinyl). The sound was remastered and sent to the factory. Funny facts: all songs got the names of all calendar months also design contains a beautiful picture of all 4 seasons (I especially … Continue reading Final Exit – Seasons Are Going And Going…. And Lives Goes On (SPHC)