Gruesome Stuff Relish – Cannibalized!

I dont know what humans tastes like, but I’m sure the guys from GSR knows! I believe thats the reason our friends dedicated a whole album, to this appetizing theme haha)). During their 18 years together, GSR has pleased us with high quality noise, and I was stoked to hear news about this new album, well when it finally arrived in the mail, I felt happy and exited as a small kid again. Needless to say, I opened it immediately, and there it was, a massive chunk of hard paper and plastic. The visual side of this CD just impressed … Continue reading Gruesome Stuff Relish – Cannibalized!

Himura – Exterminio (No Humano Records)

“Exterminio”, the third album from grinding machine Himura, is the sort of album that can be brilliant for some fans, but on the other hand it can be boring for rest of them. Why is this? Because this noise is far away from the usual modern violence, super fast blasting and other new things. First of all, this album might be interesting for older people (who grew up with Napalm Death, Sodom, Brutal Truth,etc). Himura don’t use any technical super skills or tricks, the key of this band is in their simplicity… You can feel and see it with the … Continue reading Himura – Exterminio (No Humano Records)

Mugrind – Beautiful Hell Community

In the year 2016 Spanish duo Mugrind released their second work. The work got a name “Beautiful Hell Community”. The whole album concentrated on very serious themes, the lyric side of this album is pretty tight and I really like it. I especially enjoy the art of the insert (the artist perfectly conveyed the atmosphere foolish greed of corporations). But that’s all I can write about good side of “Beautiful Hell Community”. The main art perfectly fits in the name of the album, but from the other side it’s deadly boring. I`m pretty sure that guys spend a lot of … Continue reading Mugrind – Beautiful Hell Community