Unpalatable Gore Offering 4 way split!

The “Unpalatable Gore Offering” is the fourth split from Choothar Tapes. This time Elliot Smith put together 4 bands from different and dark corners of our shitty planet. Art for this noisy tape was made with the use of lovely pink and grey colors. And fuck yeah, everything looks so cute, hahaha! First band in this split is Meatus. As many of you may know, this is a one man project with Joe (Violent Gorge, Archagathus) in charge. Usually the noise of this band stands out with its messy, raw and low sound. But these 6 songs have pretty shitty … Continue reading Unpalatable Gore Offering 4 way split!

Little Puppy Princess – Anti Scum Human (Hotel Broslin Records)

I`m pretty worried about people is South Korea, it seems that they have caught a strong and powerful Grind virus. For just few years their local Grind underground has grown up. And I’m really happy with that, because now we have more great Grind bands in our small family. So today we will speak about the latest release of Little Puppy Princess. This mad trio started only a few short years ago, but a few months ago they visited Australia on tour (and that was impressive). Our friends made some positive changes… They’ve grown up and they’re mutilating the dead … Continue reading Little Puppy Princess – Anti Scum Human (Hotel Broslin Records)

Nakay/LxPxPx (Grindfather prod)

As you all know grindcore has pread everywhere. This strange, fast, yelling and aggressive kind of music helps many people to release their own protests, to relieve stress or it can help you to convey somebody’s own vision of this world. Well like I said this genre is everywhere and today I want to talk about two interesting representatives of this extreme direction, Nakay (from USA) and Little Puppy Princess (from South Korea). This release is short and it has a very strange cover. It’s really first time when I see something like this. A man with his dog is … Continue reading Nakay/LxPxPx (Grindfather prod)