Archagathus / Terror Firmer is out!

This split released through:Goodbye Mankind, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Hecatombe Records, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, Repulsive Medias, Dead rasputin prod., Extreme Terror Production, Grind Your Mind Records, Soondoongi Records, Grindfather Productions, PoGohai Records, Ratto Records  Continue reading Archagathus / Terror Firmer is out!

Patisserie, Meatal Ulcer, Organs Tortured (Soondoongi Records)

Well, probably the first thing that caught my attention and surprised me about this split was the front cover. It`s pretty interesting and quite unusual for a gore release. Snow white riders riding the noble pegasus while making their way through the vast space of the universe. I really don’t know if the artist was on drugs or something while making this art but it looks really cool, hehehe)) Even the name of this split «Ride The Wings Of Tomorrow’s Universal Gore Friendship» makes you smile. So, Patisserie had the privilege to be the first ones on the list. These … Continue reading Patisserie, Meatal Ulcer, Organs Tortured (Soondoongi Records)

SpermBloodShit – Grinding Under The Influence

The Italian trio SpermBloodShit don’t tired to conquer new stages and in between from tours, going to the studio. Just two months ago, this vinyl was left the gloomy walls of factory and went to all of those who have been waiting for this release. Grinding Under The Influence completely justifies its name. In this record, guys give the respect to : Haemorrhage, Rotten Sound, Venomous Concept, and even Judas Priest! Covers were very good, and was made in their insane Italian style. Most of all, I liked the cover on the Spanish pathologists Haemorrhage. A cover on the legendary … Continue reading SpermBloodShit – Grinding Under The Influence

Vulgaroyal Bloodhill/ Sulsa (Soondoongi)

Today two rival Asian countries mount our musical ring: Sulsa from South Korea and Vulgaroyal Bloodhill from Japan. While bands take their operating sites, let’s describe each one in detail… In due order the first one shall be a band which opens the split. Vulgaroyal Bloodhill hold themselves out as new wave of Japanese goregrind which it is, actually. The quartette of blood-stained samurai have brought into being great groove: a grim cocktail of gore, punk and grindcore. Such Hurricane Katrina knocked me dead. I was pleased with variegated sound and composition of those 5 songs, though they aren’t beyond … Continue reading Vulgaroyal Bloodhill/ Sulsa (Soondoongi)