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Corrupt Humanity/Cum Sock – Split Tape Cruel Face – “Eu Amo Desgraça… Por Isso Adoro Muito Tudo Isto!” Tape  Sordo/Archagathus – Split Tape Agathocles/SRT – Split Tape Corrupt Humanity/Takashi Ohkawa – Split Tape Pizza Hi Five / Soil Of Ignorance – Split Tape  For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Big news from Grindfather prod!

OUT NOW!  split 7″ Ulcerrhoea/Siviilimurha split tape PizzaHiFive/Soil Of Ignorance Ulcerrhoea – Discography 2000-2003 Tape  split tape Weedeous Mincer / Gorgos Enemigo – Collection tape Shoot your orders to: Continue reading Big news from Grindfather prod!

Warsore & Soil Of Ignorance (EveryDayHate, Grindfather Productions)

While listening to this split, I felt different kinds of emotions, mostly sadness and joy. Joy – because this split is finally released (it’s been a long 2 years of waiting), and sadness – well, because of premature death of one of the Warsore’s founders, Mark Harvey. We all are truly grievous, he was a great guy…An honor of sharing this split with legend had an awesome Canadian lumberjacks named Soil Of Ignorance. They managed to fit in this split 8 of their tracks! I really like this band, no matter how lazy they are, they perform very cool quality … Continue reading Warsore & Soil Of Ignorance (EveryDayHate, Grindfather Productions)

Soil Of Ignorance (27.05.15)

Hello buddy! What’s new is going on in the camp of Soil Of Ignorance? Hi hows it goin??  Hi hows it goin? Well we’re back from our hiatus for quite some time now, but still takin it easy. We have a 10 new tracks done, and 11 others to put together before recording!! We managed to play 2 shows lately on the Bloody Phoenix tour. But they were denied entry in Canada at the customs it sucked as the turn outs were way smaller than expected!! We have 4 gigs for the summer/fall planned including an outdoor festival on a … Continue reading Soil Of Ignorance (27.05.15)

Soil Of Ignorance!

Formed in 2006 by Meo(drms) & Phil(guit/vox).1st vocalist Steve was then added.Shortly after,they played their 1st gig with MORBID PAIN & KOLOBOS. A coupla months later,they were joined by Johnny(ex-OUTSPREaD/HandsOFdeath/Crawling..etc.) on Bass/backvox and then,by FRANK on 2nd guit. Soon,vocalist Steve was thanked from his duties and the band choosed to go on as a 4-piece with both Phil and Johnny sharing screaming duties.A bunch of new trax were written and more gigs came. In early 2007, Frank went back working far out in the woods(aaarrr!!) and could no longer give time to S.o.i. A couple more gigs were played as a … Continue reading Soil Of Ignorance!