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Agathocles – “To Serve.. To Protect” Tape Oniku “Bokujou” Tape Disturbanve Project – “Grita Mientras Puedas” SMG/Confusion – Split Tape 908 “S/T EP I & S/T EP II” Tape  Cut To Fit – “The Doors Of Deception” Tape For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

SMG (14.05.14)

Hi, guys! Ok, let’s get it started. Who’s playing in SMG right now? What’s your line-up, who, where, why, etc? Hello Alex, how  are you today, thanks for being interested to doing i/v with SMG, right now SMG are Ricky – guitar, Randy – Drum and myself AK47 on Vocals  we’re started in july 2002 in S.A City, Selangor, West Malaysia. I heard that you made split with my fellow countrymen From Alcohol To Destruction. What can you tell about them? And when will we see the actual cassette?) Oh, you’re from ukraine too, you heard it right my friend, … Continue reading SMG (14.05.14)