Abortion – All You Need Is Hate

When a band has been around for as long as Abortion has, there is not much to say that has not been said already. Slovakian grinders have had a very rich discography during their almost three decades of existence. “All You Need Is Hate” is their 7th full-length coming three years after Konvert and it’s a good addition their discography. Cover art was made by Radek (Meat Spreader/Neuropathia), and I must say this angry psycho clown looks a bit weird (as for grindcore release) but interesting, it feels that this creature is real savage. The colors were chosen right too, … Continue reading Abortion – All You Need Is Hate

Final Exit / Sedem Minut Strachu (SPHC Records)

It`s very hard to review Noise releases, during the years I have not had the chance to meet many of the original and interesting Noise bands. But, this 7” is one of those special and catchy releases. We have here Final Exit from Japan and Sedem Minut Strachu from Slovakia. Noise lovers must know both of them; they are pretty unique and original. SPHC Records (located in USA) released this noise in vinyl format. This lovely colored vinyl is hiding a very high dose of Noise, so be careful and be sure to put the volume on maximum!  I want … Continue reading Final Exit / Sedem Minut Strachu (SPHC Records)

Sedem Minút Strachu / Cum Sock (Sick Phoque records)

Sometimes music can cure, some times not so much. Sometimes even simple noise can bring you back to normal life… My day was started with a stupid hangover and strong acute needs in some good noise. so I choose this yellow like piss tape and put it in my player… Well it actually helps, my head was cured with these lovely chaotic tunes and some cold beer. And now I want to write about this simple recipe. First of all you should mix two noisecore bands (from different sides of our planet), recorded their songs on tape (thanks Sick Phoque … Continue reading Sedem Minút Strachu / Cum Sock (Sick Phoque records)

Sedem Minút Strachu / Paranoia (SSGC)

Finally I got this rare split (only 40 copies were made!) This yellow cassette definitely was made by barbarians for barbarians, hahaha! Joint work of these two bands, give birth to this extremely mad release. And today we are daring enough to listen this tape. From SMS side we have almost 5 minutes of good stoned noisecore. Slovakian trio act short, fast and dirty (like always, haha). And of course they perfectly know how to drill noise into people minds. Barked vocal work sounds ferocious, screams, yelling, roars… of course that shit is pretty foolish and full of fun but … Continue reading Sedem Minút Strachu / Paranoia (SSGC)

Sedem Minút Strachu / Reeking Cross (Grindfather Productions)

Prepare your earplugs, boys and girls, this is gonna be noisy as fuck, ahahah! As most of you know, the music (or noise – name it as you want) underground is one big family. And this family unites people from a huge variety of countries, of different ages and different alcohol tastes 🙂 So it isn’t unexpected at all that these bands’ paths have crossed.SMS and Reeking Cross have much in common, for example – both hate musical notes and play sheer improvisation and use just bass guitars and drums. The heavy primitivism of these groups can seriously damage your … Continue reading Sedem Minút Strachu / Reeking Cross (Grindfather Productions)

Sram / Abortion

And one more grind split turned up on my turntable. So this time I`ll be listening to so noise from old dinosaurs Abortion (Slovakia) and young mincers from Sram (Russia). At first glance, this split attracts attention with its appearance. This collage is very unusual, stupid and great, isn it? All the pictures are cut from old Russian magazines about UFOs and other bullshit. I guess that’s why this stuff looks so rad, haha. Okay, hmm, let’s choose a side with which we’ll begin. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, and first will be the Sram side. Well from the very first … Continue reading Sram / Abortion