Coffin Birth / Total Fucking Destruction / Insomnia Isterica / Skruta (4-way split)

This intercontinental split has experienced many delays and other difficulties. But nevertheless with joint efforts of bunch of labels this finally happened and split was released. Badass white vinyl with weird art from Jon (fantastic artist from Russia) is great and beautiful (of course only if you’re a fan of vomiting monsters with three heads:)) present for all grindcore fans.Coffin Birth opens this split. This material is not new (these 3 songs were taken from Cult of the Technocrat tape) but it`s still very cool. I always liked their straight and honest grindcore. Of course in their music there is … Continue reading Coffin Birth / Total Fucking Destruction / Insomnia Isterica / Skruta (4-way split)

Looking for labels! Need help!

Need some labels for releasing split between Skruta & Internal Damage (7 ep format) Skruta (Uzhgorod, Ukraine, listen here) is playing aggressive grindcore in vein of Benumb, Wormrot, early Napalm Death and Terrorizer. Internal Damage (St.Petersbourg, Russain Federation,listen here) is one of the most well-known Russian grindcore acts, perfoming oldschool grindcore in vein of Napalm Death, Nasum e.t.c. Check few tracks from this split HERE! For all questions and propositions write to: Continue reading Looking for labels! Need help!

Skruta (19.02.15)

Hey, guys!  What news have we got from the Skruta battle unit? V: Well, the most important news is the fact that we’re once again active and are ready for live shows. In time new releases are to be expected as well, I think.K: Yes, in fact the recording process is already underway. By the year’s end it should be ready to face the world. We’ve also managed to give a few concerts. Our most recent show was back home, this year’s annual UzhGoreRot. A lengthy period of silence followed by a concert not in the likes of Zhashkiv, but … Continue reading Skruta (19.02.15)