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Six Brew Bantha – Blight  Tolerance/Cystoblastosis split tape Blood – Christbait Impetigo/Blood split tape Netjajev Society System – “Thule Tachyon Tantra” Avon Dealer – Scifantanimangamythologist You can buy these beauties at www.grindfatherprod.com Continue reading Out now at Grindfather productions!

Six Brew Bantha (16.12.14)

Hi, guys! And let’s get to it right away, first question: what killed the cat?) I dunno, but any entity out there killing cats had better watch their back.  Congratulations on completing your mega tour! You’ve visited a lot of countries, performed for Russian bears, how was it overall? And I want to ask, why didn’t you visit Ukraine?((( Tour was incredible, getting to travel all over Europe and play in so many different countries was really mind blowing.  Met tons of awesome people, the punk infrastructure in Europe is tremendously better organized than in North America and we were … Continue reading Six Brew Bantha (16.12.14)