Shitgrinder – Eternal Death

Shitgrinder is the most diabolical and fucked in the head band you will hear today! What you’ll hear when you press play is pure unhinged sonic punishment that will become an audio drug that will leave you in a state of disarray. Eternal Death is freaking smashing; with no doubt this is one of the fastest albums from to ever come out of Australia. After the scratchy intro, heavy riffs start and keep the songs rolling towards the end. This is what I call jaw dropping Grind. The blast beats are alive and fresh, without any digital trigger bullshit. Guitar … Continue reading Shitgrinder – Eternal Death

Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Captain 3 Leg / Hyperemesis – Split Tape G.O.D./Ahna – Split Tape  Violent Gorge / Rotocles – Split Tape Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth – Split Tape  Acid Feast / Horrendous Miscreation – Split Tape  Parlamentarisk Sodomi / BxSxRx – Split Tape For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth (Televised Suicide Records)

Australian label Televised Suicide rec. is very serious about getting their own grind-market segment of old school rotten undeground. Their most fresh product came to my hands recently, so I can’t ignore it and I have listened to it very carefully. The result is below. This split came up to be a pure australian, both bands live at the land of kangaroo, the label is from there too. This split is decorated in a conservative, classical way, as for grindcore. They used the photographies from the most terrible period of vietnamese history. The vinyl itself has an innocent white color … Continue reading Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth (Televised Suicide Records)