Crotch Rot / Shitfun (Cemitério Records)

Grind split? Good. Grind split with two Brazilian bands – it’s even better! This split might be old… and it`s already begun to rot… but I really want to review this example of a primitive Brazilian grindcore. The first band on this split is a band with a cute name Crotch Rot. It`s hard to believe, but there are two girls playing in this band and you have to agree that it`s pretty rare for goregrind. Their primitive and aggressive song reminded me a bit of the Czech grind scene… Why? That’s all because there are a lot of stupid, … Continue reading Crotch Rot / Shitfun (Cemitério Records)

Plague Rages/Shitfun (Gozer Records)

How many grind albums & splits have been released through all those past years? But brazilians don’t lose their interest in that style, it still burns so brightly! Every year this country gives a lot of good different releases for fans of grind. And now I hold in my hands this lathe сut split with two old well-known and respected bands. Must notice that this small release was dedicated to our friend Antonio Ambrozio, rest in peace brother…Art on this split is pretty thematic (as for grindcore). Impersonation of chaos, destroyed town and the main character looking at its remains… … Continue reading Plague Rages/Shitfun (Gozer Records)