Psychoneurosis – The Fall Of Humanity (Selfmadegod rec)

Only a lazy fan of extreme music hasn’t heard that Psychoneurosis is back. After doing a successful split with AG and a bunch of cool gigs, these guys finally recorded a new album – this news cheers me up. Then, Selfmadegod Rec posted a preview song “Brexshit”… fuck…that was a brain-crashing song. So I started to wait for the whole album, and a few month later “The Fall Of Humanity” was in my hands… I guess Psychoneurosis tried to prepare/warn listeners about unexpected fast and ugly grind fights, that why they started with and elegant, atmospheric, and slow intro. I … Continue reading Psychoneurosis – The Fall Of Humanity (Selfmadegod rec)

Agathocles / Psychoneurosis

Do you remember Romeros movies? Do you remember how the dead came back to life? Sometimes it happens with old bands. Moldy Grind bastards Psychoneurosis are here again! This Polish squad is legendary, and it`s nice to see them alive. For the reunion split release they picked up Agathocles, well known noise terrorists from Belgium. All this noise was released under Selfmadegod records in CD format. I must say the result is very pleasant. 2 pieces of cover art (you can switch them to your own taste), band photos, lyrics and more. But in total we have here only 12 … Continue reading Agathocles / Psychoneurosis

Sturmovik – Destination Nowhere (Selfmadegod rec)

Crust band from Poland? Yes! Why not? Sturmovik is a rather young band and this CD is only their first album. But I take my hat off to them, these guys put everything that they had into this release and I felt that during listening. But, for now let`s focus on visual pleasure that is the cover art of this full length. I especially enjoy this piece, the artist has drawn an old plane from WW2 with a bit modern flair but I like it. It looks very handsome with the band logo. And if you open up the booklet, … Continue reading Sturmovik – Destination Nowhere (Selfmadegod rec)

Split Agathocles / Sete Star Sept is out!

Legendary mincecore veterans from Belgium team up with grind/noise duo from Japan for a split release! It was just a matter of time when both bands would join their forces and share the material on any physical format. AGx offer 10 songs recorded in 2016/2017 and SSS with “Tribute To Agathocles” side come with 4 covers songs of… Agathocles! More info is HERE! Continue reading Split Agathocles / Sete Star Sept is out!

Teething – We Will Regret This Someday

A year ago the Spanish noise machinery Teething released their first blasting full length album in the bands history of musical assaults). They put a lot of lifeblood and energy into this monster, and it shows in their tunes. Teething is a modern fusion of jumping style Hardcore and Grindcore, mixed in with fast and sharp groovy parts, heavy breakdowns and clean production. The coverart is made like a very bizarre collage of disturbing images from newspaper clippings, surrounding a dreadful main chacacter with beautiful eyes, and a nice attractive colgate smile, haha (Just kidding). The ungodly combination of bleak … Continue reading Teething – We Will Regret This Someday

Antigama – The Insolent (Selfmadegod)

Antigama is a band who certainly stands out in grind scene. Their focus are more on the technical side of things, and lesser on punk aspects. I believe thats why this group is not for everyone, and even less for everyday listening. Antigama really glorifies their home country of Poland. (how many other famous extreme bands can you name from PL who does that?), I don’t have any idea, if Polish people really gives a fuck about that, haha!). The Insolent is Antigamas 7th album in their discography, and makes a nice impression. The whole design is a projection of … Continue reading Antigama – The Insolent (Selfmadegod)

Split Agathocles / Psychoneurosis is out!

Two grindcore veterans team up for a killer split release! Agathocles from Belgium comes with 5 songs recorded partly in 2005 and 2017. Raw and fierce grind/mincecore at its best. Psychoneurosis originated in 1991 came back to life after several years of absence with 7 fresh songs recorded March 2017. And just like decades ago it’s pure old school grindcore that kicks ass! CD limited to 500 copies. Vinyl version coming mid 2018. Released by Selfmadegod rec! Continue reading Split Agathocles / Psychoneurosis is out!