Matka Teresa & Suffering Mind (Split 7")

As you may know, music underground is a cheerful and friendly place. People in this community help each other in different ways, and I think this is great! Here is another proof of “underground friendship” – 8 labels gathered and published this split together. This modest seven-inch vinyl includes two excellent bands: international team Matka Teresa and Polish guys from Suffering Mind! Our lives are poisoned with all types of crap that surrounds us… Our minds are infected with information disease. All those bastards want to make us to do what we do not like – to fight, to die. … Continue reading Matka Teresa & Suffering Mind (Split 7")

Alea Iacta Est & Rageous Intent (Sekac Records)

What could possibly be common between Slovakia and Spain? You could waste a whole week thinking about it, but I recommend you to listen to this split instead! These bands are huge friends for sure, they toured together in Europe and then made a split!Alea Iacta Est is not a new band for me, I already did a review on their split with Controlled Existence from Czech Republic. Sometime later I got another package from Attila.The band presented 7 new tracks on this split. To be perfectly sure, I listened to this split three times and here are my thoughts … Continue reading Alea Iacta Est & Rageous Intent (Sekac Records)