Stheno ‎– Damnation Is Forever

Good Guys Go Grind continues its adventure into the deepest parts of Greek mythology, booze and grindcore bands 🙂 Today we’re listening to the first release of young Greek band Stheno. These guys decided to start off with vinyl EP (of course, it’s very popular nowadays, but still, right off the bat with vinyl, that’s pretty rare). And the name of this release is Damnation is Forever! It was supported by Scull Crasher label (also from Greece), alongside with three other labels. One noticeable feature about Greek scene is black metal influences and attention to great art covers. Sometimes I wonder if … Continue reading Stheno ‎– Damnation Is Forever

Jagernaut / Zvarna (Scull Crasher, Studio From The Down, Screaming Victims)

And again I have in my possession the release of pleasant and heartwarming music, music that is played on golden harps and brings peace. Just kidding! Right now I’m going to listen to one of the recent releases of Greek label Scull Crasher!So here I am listening to the split of two Greek not-so-well-known bands to me, Jagernaut and Zvarna. When I saw a duration of the first track I thought to myself “they play sludge… 1.51 is not a grindcore, hehehe!” But then I realized that everything goes as planned, another 4 tracks 4 minutes long, this is what … Continue reading Jagernaut / Zvarna (Scull Crasher, Studio From The Down, Screaming Victims)