Stheno / Facada – Primitive

This is hard but tasty dish… this barbaric meal spiced with hellish hot Greek and Brazilian sauces. Let`s start with this interesting and “primitive” design. The artist used a pretty cool idea, I think we can call this episode historical. I mean this act on this picture, when slave kills his master… this is cruel but full of justice. Also the artist used ancient rock carvings of animals, and this added brutality to the whole arts (that was really great idea). From Greek land with 7 songs dehuman Stheno is coming ! This time this trio surprised me… their songs … Continue reading Stheno / Facada – Primitive

Skunk/Existench split 7"

Hm I think it’s already third purely Canadian split that I review this year. But this only proves that canadian scene is growing and nothing can stop it. On this piece of plastic we can see crusters Skunk and old grinders Existench (this is their first record after reunion). Externals of this split look very pretty. Good and sharp social theme (yep today it wouldn’t surprise anyone but the artist did a very good job) All this biological remains, worms, chemical factory on background all this stuff designed in best traditions. Skunk are first one, they begin this split. I … Continue reading Skunk/Existench split 7"

Jack – Neurozis (Scull Crasher Records)

Listening to the releases of different times, you can admit on a subconscious level that there is some kind of similarity between Jack and Napalm Death, and the point here is not in the sound. With every new release, Hungarian brothers are adding more metal parts to their music. It can be felt especially well on their new album Neurozis. While holding this CD in my hands for a long time, I was looking at what the artist has painted … hmm, all those pieces of mutilated human flesh, dead babies and the general style of art reminded me about … Continue reading Jack – Neurozis (Scull Crasher Records)

Scull Crasher records!

Scull Crasher records came to life in late 2006 as an addition to No Exit ‘zine. Through the fanzine I had direct communication with bands and labels and I was receiving records & tapes from all over the world, so the idea of starting up a distro/label came as a logical next move. The motivation comes from all the bands and individuals that are part of the worldwide D.I.Y conspiracy. CONTACT: Website Bandcamp On-line Store Discogs Twitter RELEASES: SCR 001 SAKATAT / CUT YOUR THROAT – Split 7″* SCR 002 TEARGAS – Demo 2008 CS SCR 003 DISCRUMT – … Continue reading Scull Crasher records!