Birdflesh & Slavebreed (Screaming Victims)

What Greece and Sweden have in common? Mountains, woods? Latrine anecdotes about forest boozers?) Have another guess coming! The split of Birdflesh (Sweden) and Slavebreed (Greece) turns out to be the common denominator. Beginning comes in way of the swedish. I’ve seen them live. I must say, they are merry grigs. They’ve been indulging the souls of their fans with funny and pert grind for more than 20 years.Guys recorded so many as 6 tracks for this split… If you are expecting Birdflesh to knock out with something new, I hasten to dissapoint you. Birdflesh cleave to a jocose style, guitar sound and bobbish outcry are present. But … Continue reading Birdflesh & Slavebreed (Screaming Victims)