Rot – Nowhere

Once it became known that the old Brazilian good fellows from Rot got together again I was really looking forward to their new record. I’ve been waiting and was a bit afraid because I’ve noticed a negative thing that happens when the bands reunite and record the shitiest stuff… But my fears didn’t pan out and Nowhere turned out to be very robust! As for the guys, I can assure that all their works are really cool in their own way (even noisy and ugly live records:)) But first things first. This record was released on 7″ vinyl and CD … Continue reading Rot – Nowhere

Rot – Old Dirty Grindcores!!!

The “old dirty grindcores” contains the complete studio material recorded between 1991 and 2007. The material from CD 1 recorded between 1998 and 2007 include tracks from seven split 7” EP’s, two split CD’s and the titles from a split 10”. Also 7 tracks unreleased bonus material. The second CD from this classic release contains the old material from the 1991 until 1997. You will find the tracks from five Split 7” EP’s, from a split 10”, three EP’s and compilation tracks. All together 150 songs of raw grindcore. They perpetuate the great tradition of old school grind/hardcore like Siege/ … Continue reading Rot – Old Dirty Grindcores!!!

Rot (11.02.14)

Hi! And straight to the point. In recent interview you said that you plan to release couple of splits this year. What’re the bands that take part in it?)Rafael: No splits planned for now. We’re working in a new one sided 7″ though. What was the reason of pausing the band’s activity? How often do you rehearse? Who’s rotting in Rot now (your current line-up, I mean)?Rafael: Some members got tired of the band back then, that’s why we broke up in 2008. We’ve been practicing for one time every two weeks. Line up now is Marcelo and Marcolino on … Continue reading Rot (11.02.14)