Recalcitrant (22.03.16)

Hi guys! Can’t believe this interview is finally happening! Please, introduce yourselve! Chris -Throat Chantz-Guitar Jimi -Blast Beats Chris, since when did you become such a huge sports fan? Do you take part in any competitions? And are you getting criticized for having so much tattoos? Because, you know, it’s not a secret that there are lots of diehard fanatics who hate this stuff. If you mean sports as in football,baseball ect.,I don’t have the attention span to watch it. But I do love pro wrestling and crossfit. As far as competitions go I have done about 4 crossfit comps. I … Continue reading Recalcitrant (22.03.16)

Recalcitrant – Demo 2015 (Bloody Scythe Records)

Recalcitrant is a very young band (not even 1 year old), but these guys are walking confidently on the coridors of underground, making some really cool stuff. And all because the guys are not so simple. Each of these musicians has a good background of playing in other teams, they have a lot of experience in destroying their fingers with strings/drumsticks and killing their throats with wild scream.The cover art of casette won’t tell you much, because it is very simple. Logo on a black background and that’s it (I was keeping in mind some old demo tapes from 80-90s), … Continue reading Recalcitrant – Demo 2015 (Bloody Scythe Records)