Dead Issue / Raw Noise Apes

Wow it`s a really tight split! Both bands are a good examples of harsh and blast grindcore. Both they are full of ferocity, speed and deadly power. So lets put this vinyl on my turntable and switch on this hell! Side A – Dead Issue. This guys are one the best representatives of USA grindcore bands. This squad is manned with fragments from Bloody Phoenix & Endless Demise (so you can imagine what will be waiting for you, haha!). But for the first deal lets look at the cover. Hmm I guess this time guys tried to be as primitive as … Continue reading Dead Issue / Raw Noise Apes

Raw Noise Apes / Scum Of The Earth!

This split will be out (hopefully) in the end of spling and this wax will be released thru: Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench /  Autistic Society System Records / Grindfather Productions / Blastbeat Worship Tapes /  Repulsive Medias Continue reading Raw Noise Apes / Scum Of The Earth!

Optimalinija / Kaos Panonia fest!

Optimalinija / Kaos Panonia is international underground open air anti-mainstream & anti-buissnes festival that will present you noisecore / oldschool grind / fast, furious and bizzare hardcore punk bands from various parts of the planet. We are giving our best to bring some serious madness for you, in DIY manner. This festival is all about cooperation / communication / friendship and opening the rusty gates of true underground. All details, travel tips, info about tickets will be posted soon on Facebook event. Distribution will be also available on fevalsti. Visit festival page here Continue reading Optimalinija / Kaos Panonia fest!

Raw Noise Apes (09.03.16)

Hi and welcome to Good Guys Go Grind! Before we start this very serious interview could you let the readers know how, when and where did Raw Noise Apes formed? What was is that that made a bunch of primates grab instruments and produce this primitive noise? This band was formed in 2011 in Thessaloniki under the influence of Proctosynalar,alcohol and our asses’ farts, accompanied with the soundscapes of Pinks Floyd’s, dark side of the moon. The main reason which led us to create this band, in addition to our friendship, was our need to play this unique form of … Continue reading Raw Noise Apes (09.03.16)