Psycho / Horrible Earth

Last year started with a lot of great Grind/Noise/Gore and Crust releases. It seems 2018 may be heading in the same direction thanks to this split. The formula of this release is simple, there are two bands, 2 different kinds of noise, fucking awesome sound (I don’t even remember such clear sounding vinyl) + good cover art and insert design and that’s all. Well let’s find out why this split is so great… Founded nearly thirty years ago, eclectic collective Psycho has extensively reigned as one of the most iconic and strongest names in the US Noise underground. Starting out … Continue reading Psycho / Horrible Earth

Psycho – 6 Song E.P. – Son Of 8 Song E.P.

I`m fucking happy and excited. Today we will continue a theme about grind history. And we have today a very legendary band. We will be listening to the early Psycho work “Son Of 8 Song E.P.”! There is no sense in saying how much Psycho has done for the underground (they are really fathers). Their early years were really crazy, amazing shows in basements, raw recording sessions, there was a lot of fun (and of course there still is). This EP is only the second release in Psycho’s discography. They released it in 1985, and it still sounds very rad. … Continue reading Psycho – 6 Song E.P. – Son Of 8 Song E.P.

Psycho – Mother Fucker Live (Ax/ction Records)

Today I want to talk about old good punk. American veterans of punk/noise scene Psycho who visited Mexico in 2013 and here’s what happened there. Beside of bunch awesome gigs, guys recorded 5 songs on local radio, but I’ll keep it for later. On album cover we can see unchangeable band’s talisman – Chainsaw Priest. He brings The Word Of God to a crowd of zombies, hah. By the way, the vinyl is red, and all information on it is painted by silver colour inks.And back to music. After short introduction from a broadcaster, they start playing. Damn, despite very … Continue reading Psycho – Mother Fucker Live (Ax/ction Records)

PSYCHO – Chainsaw Priest CD!

A long time ago, not even in our galaxy… ancient evil, which was sleeping in ages, finally woke up! It blew off age-old dust and started to slowly rise, its eyes opened, and while exposing its ugly face, it released a shrill roar! Last days of humanity has begun! That’s the way to describe what has happened. Legendary men from Psycho released their second album! More than 20 years has passed since their first LP called “Hosebags From Hell”, the second LP is named “Chainsaw Priest”. On the cover of this LP crazy priest is watching right into my soul … Continue reading PSYCHO – Chainsaw Priest CD!

Psycho (10.06.14)

Hi, charlie, how’re you doing? First of all, what people that never heard about psycho (yeah, this kind of things happen too) should know about you? I am doing well my friend !!!Well, first off we have been together over 30 years – we started in 1981!!! I joined in 1984 !! We started as aPunk band and we just keep getting faster and faster and more brutal as well! No we are this d.i.y., grind, punk hybrid! Finally, priest came out to slash all sinners. Judgement day has come) how people react on your new album? I was about … Continue reading Psycho (10.06.14)