Proletar oozed its putrid way into the underground grind, punk, powerviolence thrash scene in 1999, playing scattered local shows and solidiflying the first line up of Udinoise, Bowo, Anto, Acut and Ipul. Soon after the band worked its balls off to release its much anticipating their first demo simply called “Massive Resistance” in 2000. This Hyperpunk grind possesing begunto create “massive” interesting in the band and its unique approach to its musical madness. Soon after the demo the notorious comprises managed to released their full length called “Rakyat Jelata”.  A small change in the line up didn’t get on the … Continue reading PROLETAR!

Proletar – From Mindless Syndrome To The Eternal Decay (Stillborn Sounds)

Indonesia is full of mysteries, not only mythical, and it is full of beautiful nature, pleasant and helpful people … but today we will go deep into the local jungle, inhabited by the atmosphere of deep underground, and local guys make noise from their instruments. Today, I want to review one of the oldest Indonesian grindcore bands – Proletar! These guys have traveled almost the whole of Asia with concerts, lit even Obsсene Extreme (Asian part, of course). In my hands I’m holding their CD titled «From Mindless Syndrome To The Eternal Decay», the CD was released in 2013 year. … Continue reading Proletar – From Mindless Syndrome To The Eternal Decay (Stillborn Sounds)