Decomposing Serenity / Proctalgia

Noisy, evil, bubbling split of two one-man-bands, American dead dolls lover Decomposing Serenity and big fan of huge asses Proctalgia (Philippines)… It seems to me that moving to America had a small influence on the art of Witter Cheng. His noise became more cacophonous, the material steered a little bit away from the gore madness which was familiar to the listener… Now there’s more metal influence…But, I can’t say I liked this. Motly guitar solos in the background are kinda funny. There is, a huge variety of vocals… pitch-shifted growls, some times croaking and funny, like gremlin squeals… About the … Continue reading Decomposing Serenity / Proctalgia

Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness / Proctalgia (Uterus Productions)

2016 became a very fruitful year for german label Uterus Productions. This label released a whole bunch of nasty and sick stuff and today we will review the position №13 in their catalog. So it’s split between dutch duo Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness and filipino one man band Proctalgia. Ok, SPOW goes first. I don’t know why but their cyber noise don’t disgust me. I even got some mood boost bit while listening to this nonsense. I doubt very much that the guys tried to play something serious. The guitar sounds like it was written in some Guitar Pro, but … Continue reading Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness / Proctalgia (Uterus Productions)